Tensorflow internals

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Tensorflow internals

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Hi Lazyprogrammer

Is there any course or book you could recommend that goes into explaining the internals of tensorflow e.g that talks about tflow graphs, tensors, different data types in more detail? Keras abstraction layer sometimes is too high level and I feel it doesnt provide the ease of customization like you also mention in your courses.

Thanks a lot
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Re: Tensorflow internals

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Thanks for your inquiry.

This is discussed a bit in the Tensorflow 2 course, as well as the "in-depth" series of deep learning courses starting from "Data Science: Deep Learning and Neural Networks in Python". These look at Tensorflow 1, which is lower-level, and Theano, which is similarly lower-level, and a bit simpler to understand in my opinion.

See https://deeplearningcourses.com/course_order

Note that the legacy materials have been removed from Udemy, so only the deeplearningcourses.com versions contain the full content, including the more in-depth parts.
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